An Elegant Residence

AD Architecture designed this home in Shantou City, China to be a relaxing and tranquil space for it’s residents by using minimalism and neutral tones.

  • area / size 2,615 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shantou City, China,
  • Type House,
  • AD ARCHITECTURE adheres to create comfortable living spaces that purify people’s mind, combine tranquilness and beauty and integrate different cultures.

    Without unnecessary variations or complicated decoration and furnishing in the space design, the Studio respected the original atmosphere in the space, refused exaggerated expressions and designed the space in a minimalism style, creating a broader vision for people living here. The space features the balance between slackness and tension, which looks simple but fully manifests the client’s taste. The overall layout of the space indicates the living habits and hobbies of the client. With white and light wooden colors setting the hue, the design integrated the client’s preference for a cozy life into the space. A bookcase stands at the hallway, with the client’s collections of books being orderly arranged. Besides, a long wooden-color desk was also placed where the client can practice calligraphy, which is the embodiment of Chinese cultural heritage. It is always said that people can meditate through reading, while design of the hallway actually enables people to maintain inner peace.

    The living room and dining room were designed in a concise and simple style, and were perfectly integrated together by applying the concept of “blank-leaving” to the design. Structures in the living room and dining room stretched the space and achieved harmony among each other, creating an elegant and comfortable living environment.

    The design of the bedroom is more of expression of emotions, which presents a tranquil atmosphere that perfectly matches the hostess’ hobby of playing the traditional Chinese instrument Guzhen. The invisible beauty and purified feeling makes the bedroom a place to heal mind and soul.

    Design: AD Architecture
    Photography: Ouyang Yun