Beach House

Rerucha Studio completed the refurbishment of this Seattle, Washington beauty both on the interior and exterior, but opening it up, updating materials, and allowing the light in and view to be honored in the design.

The house sits proud on a point reaching out to the Puget Sound and Olympic mountains. Both site and house are majestic and capture the wide open views. It was the first house on this stretch of beach and there is a magical quality to this place.

The design of the project aimed to honor the beauty of house and site. The exterior was lovely but in need of refurbishing. The interior was dark and cramped, incongruous with the site and exterior. Each floor was dense with rooms and doors, ceilings were low and clipped with corners and dormers. The large floor plates made it a challenge to get daylight into the interior of the house.

The goal was to open up the house so that you can elegantly move from space to space. Let daylight penetrate and let the house breath. Both the attic and entry stair were rebuilt and opened up to the adjacent spaces pulling light thru the house vertically, a balcony was added to the master suite to capture south breezes and interior glass walls were used to gather ‘borrowed’ light into interior spaces.

The material pallet consisted of natural materials: hemp, linen, cotton and whicker. Woven grass shades, white linen sheers, hand painted bead board and white washed beams contribute to the sense

Design: Rerucha Studio
Contractor: G. Rodney Johnson Construction
Photography: Kathryn Barnard, Benjamin Benschneider, Laurie Black