Arqmov Workshop

Designing involves talking about what is and what is expected of the design, summarizing the values and needs of the architectural object, looking for a positive impact on the daily lives of those who inhabit the spaces, not only to create aesthetic and functional “products”, these are intrinsic values that do not determine the object, but also to be part of the process and the search goes beyond resolving a problem, to improve the life and the environment of the daily user and spectator in the urban environment when a work of architecture is, in relation to the interior design, creating atmospheres, emotions and experiential sequences in each person which lives colors, light, texture, dimensions, proportions and furniture arranged in such a way that they give meaning to the conceptual vision behind each design just as the architect has configured it for his artistic expression.

Designing requires considerations that summary and symbolize all that it is yearning for, which creates in the memory space and identity, which makes living a spiritual act.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
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