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John Lum Architecture renovated this family house to maximize the views while preserving the architectural integrity of the neighborhood in San Francisco.

Angá Arquitetura worked with a young couple to transform a rental apartment into a home filled with personality that would serve their needs in São Paulo.

Designed by loft buro, this spacious, two-bedroom apartment in Kiev is filled with vintage and antique furnishings and an exuberant collection of artworks that explore concepts of tradition and memory.

Rather than demolishing a historic Worker Cottage in Chicago, Moss Design reimagined the humble dwelling as a modern, light-filled, split level home with open living spaces, a master suite, and a connection to the backyard.

Located near Monaco, Bolshakova Interiors designed the Roquebrune Cap Martin as a unique holiday destination, ideal for a big family looking for a French getaway.

Niche Interiors incorporated their clients’ love for mid-century design with mixed custom furniture, playful patterns and lighting throughout this modern San Francisco home.

Open AD partnered with a family of four to realize a suitable home design fitting for their lifestyle and the climate of Riga, Latvia.

Designed by Humbert & Poyet as a stunning romantic escape, this Italian Riviera Apartment gives visitors a dream-like experience overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Located in Sintra but designed in a Norwegian style, GALANT I.D. was tasked to create a home which integrates their clients’ Scandinavian background with its natural Portuguese surroundings.

Paul Bernier Architecte worked with their clients to transform the ground floor and the semi-basement of a detached duplex to make it their home in the Rosemont district of Montreal.

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