C.Kairouz Architects

Now in its eighth year, C.Kairouz Architects is a thriving young practice in Melbourne’s bustling inner-north.

Founded in 2011 by managing director, Chahid Kairouz, the practice has gradually expanded to a size of 35 staff with a healthy mix of international and local backgrounds forging a broad mix of creativity and experience. Focusing on residential and commercial architecture and with over one hundred projects, the practice’s experience in the sector is unparalleled for its youth. C.Kairouz Architects has developed a growing industry reputation for its unique process, project implementation and commitment to deliver high quality projects and innovative design solutions.

The firm’s vast experience in project management and construction brings an advantageous strength when working on multi-residential projects, and eight years later makes for a significant portion of the firm’s portfolio in response to the booming construction and housing market in Melbourne. A task that would normally be resource demanding, C.Kairouz Architects has a dedicated interiors division, allowing these multi-residential designs to be fully realised and completed in an effective and timely manner all under the one roof.

C.Kairouz Architects thrive on challenging projects. The firm dispels assumptions and limitations to allow for the best possible creation, because challenging projects yield the biggest rewards.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Learn More: https://ckarchitects.com.au/
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