Catlin Stothers Design

Catlin Stothers Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Montreal. As founder of CS Design, Catlin Stothers leads a team of creative minds who share a passion for creating residential interiors that improve the lives of their clients. Catlin is known for her keen eye and ability to balance a modern aesthetic with a down to earth sensibility. Clean lines are harmonized by organic materials and the accentuation of natural light.

CS Design strives to create minimalist spaces that provoke reaction, are highly functional, and easily lived in by their owners. Simplicity and scale are dominant themes that have contributed to the success of their projects. While the objectives may vary from one project to the next, the process is always based on thorough planning and open dialogue with each client. Great emphasis is placed on creating a culture of collaboration and an atmosphere of fun.

CS Design’s portfolio of clients includes influencers and visionaries who value Catlin’s holistic approach and dedication to solving challenges through design.

Location: Montreal, Canada
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