Megowan Architectural

The Japanese language uses the word “MA” to describe what could be roughly translated as negative space in English. It is a concept which gives equal importance to physical form and the substance of space which exists between form. Put simply, when designing buildings we are not only creating walls and a roof, instead it is the space in and around those walls which is of even greater value.

It is that awareness of space, that Megowan – Architectural brings to each individual project. From the seemingly mundane, such as the interval of time it takes to obtain entitlements, to the sublime, such as orienting a wall to be awash with morning sun, M – A brings a holistic understanding of successfully and skilfully delivering projects.

We are a talented team of Architects that are united by a desire for excellence. M – A is less about a singular style, instead we are committed to the specifics of each project and to creating timeless spaces, thus explaining our expanding and diverse portfolio. Each project brings its own complexities and parameters which we carefully respond to by understanding our clients and how they want to interact with their spaces and in turn how their spaces will interact with them. M – A brings to the table expertise in Architecture, planning, interior design and development. Whether the goals of a project are practical, emotional, financial or all three we will work with you to create a well-balanced outcome which maximises your resources.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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