Tom Robertson Architects

Tom Robertson Architects is a Melbourne based architectural design practice with experience across single, multi-residential and small-scale commercial projects. We are dedicated to the pursuit of innovation in design.

Our approach is personalised and consultative; we don’t believe in telling clients what they need but rather, helping them articulate what they want. Each project commences with a thorough design investigation; an in-depth look at the site and an exploration of possible design concepts to ensure the optimum solution to the design brief is achieved.

We adopt an egalitarian approach to our design; we appreciate the opportunity to work with clients of all budgets and are not bound by any one architectural style. Every project is unique and we revel in that. Uniformly however, a commitment to design with consideration for the basic principles of sustainability is upheld.

We are proud to say we have won the trust of our clients for continuing to deliver projects on time and within budget whilst gaining the respect of consultants and builders for our technical mastery balanced with a flair for innovation.

We believe good architecture brings joy. On a small domestic scale, as well as a broad urban level. All our designs strive to challenge ideas of space, through expressions of form, light and texture. And, with a controlled material pallet, these elements combine to create stimulating and contemporary architecture. Design that is powerful but at the same time understated in its simplicity.

Timeless, refined and sympathetic to the context and environment; these are all elements that define our sense of design. We don’t want fashion architecture. We want design that will last forever.

We employ an innovative style that is rooted in pragmatism yet driven by beauty, to create architecture that brings joy.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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