Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

WANDA ELY ARCHITECT INC. is a Toronto-based architecture design practice, specializing in modern residential projects.

Wanda graduated from Waterloo School of Architecture in 1998. After working for a number of award-winning firms on several commercial, hospitality, retail and residential projects, she launched Wanda Ely Architect Inc. in 2011.

Her projects to date, which have been featured in Chatelaine, Toronto Life and DesignLines, set the tone for a practice dedicated to the beauty of contemporary architecture.

Each project begins as a thoughtful search to understand the desires of the client and to identify and draw out the meaningful qualities of the environment, which together form the inspiration for the design.

From initial inspiration to the detailed crafting of space, the work of the practice depends on a careful mediation of aesthetics and function, with the aim to transcend both. The firm’s motivation is to create buildings and spaces that bring delight to the lives of those who use and occupy them.

Wanda’s interests lie in both the private and public realms. She has established herself as a professional known for her integrity in both design service and client relations.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Learn More: http://www.wandaelyarchitect.com/
St. Clarens B House