IDF Studio

When we set out nearly a decade ago, we disliked parts of our industry. Unsavory traits like pretension or lack of transparency were the norm at some design houses, and we saw how both clients and their designers were let down. We knew most clients had great taste but lacked the logistical know how. They needed a thoughtful guide to safeguard them from potential design and financial pitfalls.

So, we created something different. We’ve cultivated a culture where being sincere is more important than someone else’s definition of stylish. We worked incredibly hard and left ego at the door. We adopted a radically transparent policy where our designers get full credit in publications when their work is celebrated. We’ve built a network of vendors and partners that we treat like family. But most importantly, we spent years developing a flexible and airtight project process, allowing us to guide our clients through the [sometimes difficult] process of redesigning a space while removing anything that isn’t fully in their best interest.

We’re delighted that our results are spaces with genuine personality and committed clients that come back to us project after project.

Location: San Francisco, California
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