RISE Design Studio

RISE Design Studio is an innovative contemporary architecture practice based in London, dealing with England and Ireland’s diffuse light and absolute materiality. We specialise in high- quality new build residential architecture and renovations and have extensive experience with projects throughout London, in the country, and abroad. As a trademark, we thrive working on projects that combine modern architecture with a sensibility for spaces that generate high-quality living.

What we believe in:
• Architecture that is experienced emotionally as well as visually
• Equal focus on the physicality of the work as on its conception
• Rigorous and analytical approach to function and planning
• A process of refinement which is applied to every detail
• Inclusion of sustainability

What characterises our work:
• Awareness of place and context
• Consideration of form
• An understanding of the simplicity and quality of well- made buildings.
• Buildings which are practical, inspiring and beautiful

Location: London, England
Learn More: https://risedesignstudio.co.uk/
Tectonic Plywood Flat