Tectonic Plywood Flat

An apartment design by RISE Design Studio that intricately weaves together plywood textures and materials to provide a warm and charismatic living space in London, England.

  • area / size 527 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Type Apartment,
  • The plywood textures and radiant light dominate the senses inside this converted duplex in central London. The project capitalises on the idea that a small home can be full of nuances that help unlock the potential of the different experiences that a space can offer.

    The main feature of the house is the plywood spiral staircase, reminiscent of a tree trunk, that connects the two floors. The layered ply plays with a range of tonalities that give visual texture to the structure, accentuating the handmade craft that makes the home a warm and charismatic living space.

    A series of rooflights bring light through the roof and, in turn, through the upper floor, juxtaposing the sharp shapes of sunlight with the angles of the architecture’s geometry.

    Design: RISE Design Studio
    Photography: Jack Hobhouse