Steffen Welsch Architects

Why do we make buildings? For shelter, community, agency; to come together or for solitude; and to express and celebrate beauty. In all this, architecture is background. Architecture is the framework to the lives within, not the hero. It’s well-designed and cared for so that it enables its occupants, creates memories, and fosters social opportunities, as well as retreat. It must be personalised – whether it’s a home, school, or community centre – because it is the built expression of those within. It mustn’t harm the environment because that’s simply shortsighted. We aim for longevity rather than expensive, short-term gain. We once received a telling message from a client’s friend: “I like what you did with Paul’s house so much they can’t kick me out at the end of the night!” Perhaps annoying to those who want to go to bed, none-the-less this sentiment we took as a resounding endorsement. It expresses our belief that buildings should be background to allow us to enjoy and sustain life.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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