Studio Vincent Eschalier

Born in 1981 in Paris, Vincent Eschalier was educated in England and the United States. In 2009, Vincent Eschalier started his architectural firm in Paris and surrounded himself with young talented architects and designers. The Studio had a promising start with the commission of Emmanuel Perrotin’s 1500 m² Parisian gallery and an ambitious Villa in Cap-d’Agde in the South of France.
Since then, the architect has expanded his activity to include the development of two restaurants in Paris, several extension projects in Ile de France, the rehabilitation of a tower in the district of Paris-la-Defense business, but also in the heart of Paris with luxury offices and high-end residences.
Vincent Eschalier lays the foundations of an agency in his image, young, dynamic, and generous, whose desire is to offer elegant and timeless architecture.

Location: Paris, France
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