Tumu Studio

Tumu is a full-service design studio focused on Architecture, Interiors, Urban Design, and Custom Furniture.We strive to design with a courageous mindset, strong social consciousness, and a creative, accessible approach. As architects, we are natural problem solvers with an aesthetic overview. We ask the client to define their needs given a specific site, use, budget, and schedule and then address those needs through the process of design. We provide an experience that is tailored to you and your needs: whether you are looking to build a headquarters for your business, renovate a space for your new restaurant, make a home for your family, or just want to know what is possible for a space you have. Tell us about your dreams as well as your constraints. Often these two things conflict with one another but they are equally important. We love a challenge and will leverage our wealth of experience and passion for design to turn constraints into assets.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Learn More: https://tumustudio.com/
Howe Street Residence