Chromatic Spaces Apartment

Ippolito Fleitz Group channeled the traits of a healthy, calm and relaxing lifestyle when designing the Chromatic Spaces Apartment, a forward-thinking and sustainable residential project in Shanghai.

  • area / size 2,690 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Type Apartment,
  • “CEG Schwarzwald” is an innovative, forward-thinking and sustainable residential project, offering high-quality living in Shanghai. With this unique venture, the developers of CEG provide an answer to urban society’s increasing demands on a healthy, calm and relaxing lifestyle. Surrounded by 20.000 trees, multiple high-rise buildings with premium apartments offer a quality environment for a modern family life in the heart of the megapolis.

    Using vibrant colour schemes and clear geometries, we’ve developed ”Chromatic Spaces”, a 250 square metre (2691 ft2¬) apartment characterized by an energetic and stimulant atmosphere. The applied range of colours creates spaces which reflect the joy of living and a sense of relaxed generosity. Upon entering the apartment, vertical slats, reminiscent of traditional Chinese folding-screens, filter the view of the dining area and skyline background. Instantly, the loft-like atmosphere and breath-taking views capture the visitor’s imagination with a well-balanced spirit of vibrant energy and calm naturalness.

    As the apartment’s centre of communication, the kitchen area with its transparent glazing allows for intense cooking free of unpleasant odours. In addition, the open structure and adjacent bar section facilitate interaction between the cook and other family members or guests. Each of the apartment’s public areas is arranged around the kitchen, hence providing direct visual contact. A high-pile carpet and a conical red lamp mark the transition to the neighbouring dining area.

    Throughout the room, pillars and embracing shelves and stowage form sculptural volumes. Interspaces arising between the pillars and façade create a valuable zone of private retreat. Soft carpets, classic premium furniture and eye-catching built-ins provide additional zoning, while exciting surfaces and versatile high-quality materials intensify the effect of the strong colours. Curved elements, found throughout the entire apartment, lend a sense of comfort and cosiness to the loft-like layout. The harmonic interplay of colours and contours conveys a perfect balance of generosity and privacy.

    Outside the visual field of the entrance, the view of the metropolis dominates the private living area. A textured deep blue wall provides high contrast and frames the spacious lounge in striking fashion. Thanks to soft furniture, fluffy carpets, delicate curtains and reflective glass tables, we’ve created a homely haven within the open floor plan. A ceiling recess in yellow nuances zones the space and enhances the effect of a fluent transition to the exterior.

    Carefully matched colour schemes and exciting contrasts recur in the private bedrooms, where curved walls, refined wallpapers in shiny bottle-green and yellow tones and a masterful mix of materials create a premium and cosy atmosphere. Arranged along the façade, the bathrooms offer a fantastic view of the city, thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing. Metallic mosaic tiles reflect the colours of the skyline and make it come alive in the interior. The bedroom’s spacious balconies guarantee a smooth transition to the exterior and provide residents with a private view of Shanghai.

    With “Chromatic Spaces”, we’ve transformed the “CEG Schwarzwald” brand values into yet another modern, energetic and highly individual show apartment.

    Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
    Photography: Sui Sicong