Casa Pequena

Arkstudio added essential spaces for living in a converted backyard annex, a now dream studio dwelling for artists and creatives in Lisbon.

  • area / size 355 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Type House,
  • This is a project for the conversion of an annex located in a typical Lisbon backyard, into a studio for artists and creatives. The open plan space had poor habitability conditions due to the lack of natural light and insulation, presenting itself quite degraded, especially in the walls and floors, due to infiltrations in the facade and pavement, giving the space a cold and humid interior atmosphere.

    The project contemplates the re-organization of the interior space of the annex, the creation of a toilet and a kitchenette area, the installation of a salamander and the insulation of the pavement and peripheral walls. Solving technical issues of construction and development of new synergies for the multipurpose space, in order to bring a space full of light and thermic comfort to the old annex.

    Considering the following characteristics: structure, dimension and shape of the annex, the concept developed for the project is the ideia of the Portuguese rustic house and is the motto that will characterise and define the facade and the interior space. In the interiors, the structural features that had a distinctive character were maintained – wooden beams supporting the roof, which were combined with new identity and more contemporary elements like an wider window and continuous pavement.

    A small kitchenette area and toilet were installed in the annex, in order to generate autonomy from the main house. These support infrastructures were executed with pre-existing materials, such as wood and plaster, generating a spatial continuity.

    The materials used in the first zone were wood, ceramic or micro cement, with a palette of white and gray colours and the natural tones of the wood. For the toilet, the sanitary ware chosen was one with simple, rustic and vintage lines. The wooden door in the toilet is made from the reuse of an existing door and the interior equipment was collected at a local flea market.

    The annex presents simple and functional solutions, but with a high aesthetic content: the materials presented give priority to sober quality materials in their pure/raw form. Functionality and thermic and lighting comfort are considered fundamental, and therefore the elements and equipment were placed with those intentions in mind. It aims to create a natural, warm atmosphere, using elements with patine, old and vintage; in order to create an inviting environment through spatial succession, lighting and a palette of colours.

    Design: Arkstudio
    Design Team: Margarida Matias
    Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso