VOV Apartment

ater.architects used their clients’ passion for fashion, music, and contemporary art as inspiration for the design of their 100-square-meter apartment in Kiev.

  • area / size 1,076 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Type Apartment,
  • The lower floor combines the living area with the kitchen and a guest bathroom. Upstairs, the family will enjoy their master bedroom with the wardrobe, a kid’s room, and a bathroom. Such planning solution provides a comfortable division into isolated ‘day’ and ‘night’ zones.

    We decided to introduce a combined interior color scheme, so we diluted the neutral colors of the walls, ceiling, and floor with intense colorful accents. We also decided to keep all the concrete elements in the apartment in its original state using the special dust-proof solutions for safety and hygiene.

    The living room embraces with its soft and cozy zone for listening to music and watching movies on the projector. As the apartment owner is passionate about listening to the music and is proud of his 3000 vinyl records collection, we designed a unique rack for his collection.

    The dining area takes place between the kitchen and the living room as an island with a semi-bar counter expanding into the 4-seat dining table.

    The fully-equipped kitchen with the oak wood fronts and the black quartz countertop will bring joy from the cooking experience. For additional storage, we designed the shelving system from hpl-plastic that graphically stand out behind the pink glass kitchen panels.

    The first-floor bathroom is deliberately made in bright colors to wow the guests. The main accent here is the unplastered wall from concrete blocks and the self-levelling floor in a warm pink shade. The central element of the bathroom is a spotted acrylic console sink with an asymmetrical polygonal mirror.

    Hot-rolled metal stairs will lead you to the second floor. Under the stairs, there is a shoe rack and a wardrobe for outerwear.

    The bedrooms are compactly designed and are dedicated only for sleeping as the main family activities take place downstairs. A separate dressing room area is joint to the master bedroom. Also, there is the built-in metal shelf for the second turntable and the acoustics, as the music must accompany the owners of the apartment everywhere.

    In the kid’s room, we designed metal shelves for storing toys and a wardrobe explicitly created for this project. The walls decoration continues the motif of the handles on the cabinet in the form of pluses and minuses.

    One of the principal wishes of the clients was to have a spacious bathroom. As we increased this space, a full-size bath and a shower area were installed. A concrete washbasin was also made for two bowls and a large full-wall mirror. A metal cabinet in green and pink colors for hygiene items was manufactured specifically for this project. Bath and shower area are designed in custom concrete panels with a gradient effect. For various lighting scenarios, we used pendant lights and violet neon, which creates a unique evening atmosphere in the bathroom.

    Design: ater.architects
    Photography: Alexey Yanchenkov