Simple Pleasure House

PINS Studio Architecture & Interiors designed the cozy minimalist Scandinavian-inspired theme for a Selangor apartment, elegantly meeting the request of the owners for a bright and spacious home that expresses who they are and what they love.

  • area / size 1,270 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Selangor, Malaysia,
  • Type Apartment,
  • While the aesthetic appears to be simple, the designers were meticulous about getting the neutral palette of light tones and soft furnishing in harmony with one another. The high attention to detail proved to be advantageous as what transpired was a collection of fine features against a serene and pleasant backdrop.

    In the living room, white decorative panels and full-height storage cabinets with the same paneled effect grace the main walls. Instead of placing the TV on an elaborate feature wall, the flat screen is set right above the white wall panels for a streamlined look. Other media equipment is neatly stored inside the standalone cabinet. Herringbone flooring further enhances the minimalist appearance, giving the pared-down theme a touch of personality.

    Throughout the space, loose furniture pieces keep the lightweight Scandinavian concept consistent. We also went for an asymmetrical approach to infuse a carefree attribute to space. For example, in the living room, a grey sofa with a single planter box placed casually next to it as well as the round-shaped rug and coffee table create a versatile composition of form, function, and textures to support the design style.

    Behind the sofa, the full-height storage cabinet incorporates a bench seating area for the dining space which features a wood dining set that comes with two chairs. Above, the pendant lamp draws attention to the table centerpieces comprising small potted plants. Natural light from the sliding door brightens up space while indoor plants in attractive vases evoke a fresh feeling instantly.

    Designed to be a dry and wet kitchen at the same time, the cooking space features a pair of custom-made sliding doors with thin metal frames. As the bottom part of the frame is trackless, when the doors are completely opened, the kitchen seamlessly blends with the surrounding living spaces. When closed, it becomes a defining feature, adding on to the living room’s backdrop.

    In the center of the kitchen, a polished white island anchors the space while black chalkboard finishing on the facing wall beautifully contrasts with the pristine white color theme. The chalkboard finishing is more than just decorative as it allows the owners’ toddlers to entertain themselves by drawing on the wall while their parents cook in the kitchen.

    In the bedroom, soothing greys and light wood hues dominate. Billowy sheers and heavy curtains engender a soft atmosphere, matching the lush upholstered bedframe. Walls are kept bare, painted only in a warm shade of grey, saved for the framed photographs that line the opposite walls – these pictures were handpicked by the owner who is an avid photographer. Next to the bed, a white desk with thin legs on the left as well as a cozy chair on the right side completes the furnishing details to create a well-composed Scandinavian-inspired ambiance that the owners are fond of.

    Design: PINS Studio Architecture & Interiors
    Photography: MOOOTEN Studio