Cosmopolitan House

Looking for a new house that ensured comfort and quality in Curitiba, the clients contacted Talita Nogueira Arquitetura to develop a cosmopolitan aesthetic and colorful space that reflects the personality of their family.

  • area / size 2,530 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Curitiba, Brazil,
  • Type House,
  • Sectorized in three pavements, were used colors and the boiserie at the ground floor, creating a sophisticated atmosphere and simultaneously endearing, with touches of rose coral and yellow colors, in a witty and inviting way. Which, along with the signed objects, makes the ambiance elegant sophisticated, and unique.

    The inferior pavement was projected with the intention of welcoming friends and to be an area of gathering and experiences. With sober colors and industrial air, the space is practical and stylish as it was requested by the clients. To keep the union with the whole project, the same coating of the countertops was applied at the upper floor, bringing to the kitchen and gourmet areas a stripped aspect.

    On the room’s floor, it was used herringbone flooring, aiming to add more identity to the project.

    In the couple’s suite, the highlight is a golden canopy, that frames the bed along with the leather headboard, developed by the office, resulting in an elegant and intimate aesthetic. Furthermore, it was applied the boiserie on the panels of the room, resulting in a European air. The colors and the flowered print bed sheets make the atmosphere welcoming and serene emphasizing a refined décor and a personal visual identity.

    With a casual and delicate appearance, the daughter’s bedroom has, predominately, light colors -candy-colors- however, there is a blue focal point at the headboard of the beds, which resembles mountains. The application of the bird lights brings lightness, playfulness, elegance, and grace that were pursued to be developed in the space.

    In sum, the Cosmopolitan House is characterized by bringing diverse elements which when combined make the residence sophisticate, welcoming and eccentric, having a cosmopolitan and elegant air which the clients wished. The house reflects the soul of the residents, and that is what makes this project so unique and special.

    The brief was to come up with a space that would bring comfort and quality for the family, with a cosmopolitan look, full of colors, and elegance. The clients also needed a living area completely separated from the more intimate area, for welcoming their friends.

    The key challenges of the project were to combine all the colors and objects harmonically, along with marble and leather accents. Also, keeping the clients’ personality and the request for a contemporary style. The solutions were to study the best color pallets and combinations, keeping the clients’ requests in mind.

    Design: Talita Nogueira Arquitetura
    Photography: Eduardo Macarios