Loft Chartier Apartment

Studiocolnaghi designed the practical, yet beautiful 900 square-foot apartment as a young couple’s weekend getaway in a well-located area of Porto Alegre.

  • area / size 904 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Porto Alegre, Brazil,
  • Type Apartment,
  • The apartment itself has some qualities, like a corner window and a concrete slab. So, those were important tools to compose the interior design. In order to contrast to the brutalist aspect of the apartment, we design a wood ceiling in the main entrance. So, this element also appears as a wall panel that hides a door. The wood floor is a tool to create the impression of a bigger space, as we have the same material on the wall and part of the ceiling.

    At the entrance, there is an art piece. It is placed on a blue wall to contrast to Flavio Scholles’ yellow painting. In front of this art piece, there is a mirror and a marble panel, which follows the hanger’s materiality.

    Furniture plays an important role in this project. Among the choices, there is a Saccaro armchair, Bubble, in a green fabric. The center table composition there is a studiocolnaghi designed marble table, a Gustavo Bittencourt seat, Banco Iaiá (this designer is also responsible for the side wood chair), and a Saccaro Bubble leather puff. The sofa is designed by Studiocolnaghi too. There is another Brazilian design in this project, Guilherme Wentz. He is responsible by the wall lights, black side table (named Alça), and the pendant lights over the table.

    As it is a weekend loft, the bedroom hosts only the essentials. But, as essential it is not possible to say obviously. The off white leather bed contrasts with the dark grey wall detail. The side tables have a nero marquina marble detail and the wardrobe is totally opened, to integrate to the rest of the bedroom. The concept is to create a space easy to use and to have space to place the suitcase during weekends.

    Design: Studiocolnaghi
    Design Team: Ana Colnaghi, Sabrina Hennemann, Pâmela Bohn, Patricia Guerguen, Ana Utzig, Luiza Pisoni
    Photography: Vinícius Ferzeli