Italian Riviera Apartment

Designed by Humbert & Poyet as a stunning romantic escape, this Italian Riviera Apartment gives visitors a dream-like experience overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

  • area / size 516 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Italy,
  • Type Apartment,
  • Renovated and redesigned by Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, a duo that met during their first year of architecture school. The cabin was in a derelict state with roofing, windows, cladding and paneling having to be replaced. Due to the reduced space, measuring only 48m2, modern luxuries had to be through about and possibly discarded, the space forced the duo to be focused on what is important in life. The result is more like a dream, with the view of the ocean from your private cabin. Who has never dreamt of living like Robinson Crusoe?

    Christophe and Emil had to imagine everything that takes place in daily life in relation to the sea. The white was chosen to look natural and replicate many of the Italian cabins that dot the coastline. Due to the design of the cabin the light and colours of the surrounding area appear naturally. A perfect retreat for an artist.

    It is an architectural feat, 2 bathrooms and kitchen have been created in this tiny space, the terrace measuring only 3m2 looks spacious and airy. Space has been maximized taking inspiration from boat cabin design. Everything was bespoke so as to include, practical and functional storage, a cupboard under the bed and draws built into the staircase. All the materials used are natural with reclaimed marine wood paneling throughout the cabin. The combination of brass fixtures and carrara marble in the kitchen adds a touch of discreet luxury.

    Design: Humbert & Poyet
    Photography: courtesy of Humbert & Poyet