Beachfront Holiday Apartments

Located on the beachfront boardwalk in Marbella, INHABIT designed these holiday apartments to provide flexibility and necessary amenities for family vacations in the Spanish coastal city.

  • area / size 1,399 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Marbella, Spain,
  • If combined the two apartment can hold up to 10 guests or if split they can inhabit 6 and 4.

    The project brief outlined the complete furnishing of living and bedrooms as well as the remodeling of kitchen and bathrooms. The concept revolved around using small living spaces effectively while maximising the comfort.

    The living areas for both apartments are fitted with custom designed sofas that can easily be transformed to sofa beds. Combined with a few ethnic furniture pieces we create a natural and organic space that offers incredible sea views right from the living room couch.

    The Kitchen areas for both apartments were renovated and fitted with new appliances. The dark grey tone cabinets mix effortlessly with the texturized grey countertop and backsplash. Due to the differences in space, the apartments have a retrospectively sized dining table seating 6 or 4 people.

    Small spaces require innovative solution. This was our mindset when designing the 3 bedrooms of the Apartments. We wanted to maximize comfort while keeping the traveling lifestyle in mind.

    Design: INHABIT
    Photography: Elin Rodestrand