Dac House

Located in Bragança Paulista of São Paulo, Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura designed Dac House to accompany the slope of its surroundings while maintaining a view of the luscious forest landscape.

The large slope of the terrain, which was the biggest challenge of the project, became its differential: being very inclined, it allowed the creation of modules at different levels separating the intimate area from the service and social area and, at the same time, creating an integration with the place that gives the feeling that the house springs from the land.

The clients, a young couple with small children, were looking for a comfortable space with integrated environments. For this, five suites were designed, one larger for the couple; rooms connected to the terrace – which accommodates the living and gourmet area and the TV room that has a door that separates or integrates it with other environments, depending on the use.

The materials featured were stone, wood, and lots of glass which helps to create a connection with the forest and the garden. Alwitra’s roof over a metal structure allows the creation of large plans, thus promoting the integration of construction with the land and nature, and also includes very large eaves, very important in this region to protect from the sun and rain. The Alwitra used is brown and the steel beams are painted the same color in matte to give unity in the roof. The frames are all made of wood.

The landscaping complements the project, helping to integrate with the land and the forest. The garden lighting provides a very beautiful effect on the construction and layout.

Design: Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura
Photography: Evelyn Müller