House with a Margin

Yukawa‘s lead architect designed their own Osaka residence with a circulating margin that encourages a response to the environment on the site where the driveway and the field are adjacent.

  • area / size 1,356 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Osaka, Japan,
  • Type House,
  • A driveway is a city margin between “public and private” that can be used by the general public but is also mine. In addition, the field on the other side has a large margin in the sky even though it is in the city. Therefore, we aimed to create a house where the environment = light, wind, greenery, colors, and activities respond to the living space and abundantly by providing a margin that circulates between the private road, the field, and the inside of the house.

    The basic composition is to create a space where the ceiling height increases toward the field side. Then, in it, we incorporated a margin that goes from the outer DOMA that touches the town and the field to the inner DOMA, the atrium, the upper part of the Japanese-style room, and returns to the sky above the field or driveway. By providing windows in the margins and using materials that react to light and color, such as metal ceilings, shoji screens, and transparent polycarbonate, light, shadows, greenery, and colors those change from moment to moment can be taken into the living environment from private roads and fields. Furthermore, by planting trees in the house, we can feel closer to nature. With this margin as the axis, a window that captures the margin above the field and a floor that creates a connection between the inside and the outside through the atrium are created, which creates a sense of scale, depth, and line of sight. And by coexisting these elements with the environment, a rich space and a rich place of living are created.

    The inner DOMA, which is the center of the composition, is a space of “margins” that has no specific purpose. I thought that by using the inner DOMA for various purposes such as galleries, children’s playgrounds, study spaces, BBQ spaces, etc., the inner DOMA would become a place to accept the growth of the family. Unexpectedly, in covid19, we are able to respond to changes in lifestyle by using the inner DOMA, and demonstrate the great effect of having a margin in the house. Also, because there is a margin, we can spread in the house, feel the change of time and season, and can maintain a calm and rich life without suffering from a feeling of blockage, and realize the meaning of the margin. And there will be various changes in the future, but I would like to grow with this house with the times and my family by responding to them with abundant margins.

    Design: Yukawa
    Contractor: Vico
    Photography: Yohei Sasakura