Harbor Hideaway House

The only home in the neighborhood without direct water views, The Up Studio was challenged to reorient this home to maximize its bay access in Sag Harbor, New York.

  • area / size 2,900 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type House,
  • Located in the centuries-old whaling village of Sag Harbor, NY, the 2,630 square-foot Harbor Hideaway project is a single-family two-story residence. The property is situated in the center of a small peninsula and is one of the only lots in the neighborhood without direct water views. Although the instinct would be to design a new house to face the street, The Up Studio flipped the traditional orientation of the home to face the rear corner of the yard.

    The first floor facade was designed to act as a subtle privacy screen from the street, while the rear of the home is fully glazed on both levels with custom Marvin Modern windows to create a strong connection between the home’s interiors, the property’s natural landscape, and the spectacular views of the nearby harbors. The second floor, facing the street, is fully glazed with custom Marvin Modern windows to allow for the morning sun to come into the bedrooms.

    The entire home utilizes a simple material palette of blackened steel, light hardwood, and neutral colors. These material and furnishing selections provide a subtle sophistication and allow the property’s surrounding natural elements to organically provide a pop of color. At entry, the custom wood stair design connects the three interior levels of the home with a single gesture and provides a sense of openness that makes the home’s modest footprint feel much larger.

    The home’s rhythmic, black cedar facade wraps the entire home to naturally shade the south-facing bedrooms from the high summer sun and becomes a visual connection between the home and the carport, creating a covered entry in its path.

    Design: The Up Studio
    Contractor: LCL Construction
    Photography: Alan Tansey