Casa Mutina Modena

OEO Studio has just completed the interiors for Casa Mutina Modena, a new series of residences in a five-story townhouse for Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Mutina.

  • Year 2021
  • Location Modena, Italy,
  • Type Multi-Family,
  • The building is set in the charming and historic location of Modena, amongst the colourful houses and narrow alleyways the town is so famous for and is just minutes away from the city’s cathedral and the iconic Academy of Modena – formerly Palazzo Ducale.

    Casa Mutina Modena has given OEO Studio a unique opportunity to communicate the vision and concept of Mutina Accents. Each residence has been carefully decorated and designed to create the perfect ambiance for Mutina. No detail has been left to chance and all surfaces, textures, light fixtures, and furnishings have been carefully selected by the Danish design studio. The guiding principle behind the project was to showcase the broad palette of the Mutina Accents collection and the different ways tiles, paints and skirting boards can be combined to create a multitude of diverse expressions.

    When OEO Studio first visited the building, each space had a strong sense of the past, with various pieces of furniture left behind from previous occupants, giving the feeling of being on a film set. The building was in a very poor state and OEO Studio had to undertake a very sensitive approach to the transformation; aiming to preserve the authenticity and architecture of the building whilst adapting the layout of each space to suit a more contemporary context.

    OEO Studio worked closely with a local architect and Mutina to deliver an entirely new architectural configuration and interior design scheme for all four residences located across the five floors of the townhouse. As part of the transformation, walls were torn down to create more sizeable rooms with double-height ceilings that convey a new feeling of comfort and dimension.

    The four residences each have a separate identity, utilizing different Mutina colour themes and materials. OEO Studio’s scheme also features vintage pieces and contemporary designs, from the lighting by Davide Groppi to Mutina tiles by designers including Tokujin Yoshioka, Patricia Urquiola, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Barber Osgerby and Raw Edges.

    The largest residences are located on the first and second floors and consist of a living room overlooking Via Taglio and bedrooms with views of the church of San Giorgio. The two residences on the fifth floor have more intimate layouts with a view of the city and the Academy of Modena.

    Design: OEO Studio
    Photography: DePasquale+Maffini