Apartment RJ

RUA 141 Arquitetura and Zalc Arquitetura designed Apartment RJ to serve as a second residence for a family from Acre, a welcoming space to receive the clients when they visit Sao Paulo.

  • area / size 753 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Apartment,
  • The 70m² property underwent a renovation that ensured new use of the spaces and the inclusion of furniture and objects that are co-protagonists of the project, valuing national design.

    A bold atmosphere was created with sophisticated details. The room was integrated into the terrace to make the social area more spacious and the same cement floor was used to provide this uniformity. The linear kitchen is open to the living room, where a language was created that suited this space and conversed with the furniture. At the entrance of the apartment, the laundry room and the service area were allocated, which are hidden by the large wooden panels. In this way, it was possible to optimize uses and maintain the same language created for the social area. On the opposite wall of the wardrobe, a jigsaw puzzle was created on the panel covered with fabric, which continues on the TV wall. In this way, a cozy space was developed that contrasts with the cement tiled floor.

    Having the kitchen as a social area, open to the living, was a bold proposal that became a starting point for the project. The architects also took advantage of natural lighting and ventilation for the entire social area, rescuing daylight into the urban refuge. Among the materials chosen, the highlights were Cabreúva wood, typical of the Amazon region, dark gray lacquer and brass details in the living room’s joinery. In the kitchen and service area, the San Gabriel Granite was chosen with a brushed finish, the exposed concrete in the beam that separates the terrace from the living room and the cement floor in the other areas. The leading role of the dark tones of stone and lacquer harmonize with the lighter wood, creating a rich composition of textures and colors.

    To integrate the environments, the architects maintained the layout of the bedrooms and bathrooms and separated the intimate area from the social area with a pivoting door from the floor to the ceiling, which is camouflaged with the color of the walls. In the social area, the terrace was integrated into the internal area, eliminating the frame and bringing the service area close to the entrance hall. The lighting in these environments was done with an apparent black rail, which reinforces the main circulation axis of the apartment.

    By integrating the spaces of the social area, a multifunctional furniture was created. The sideboard behind the sofa was designed to be a support for dinner and at the same time a work bench. Another interesting solution took place in the service area, near the entrance to the apartment, camouflaged behind the sliding doors. Vegetation, on the other hand, was proposed on the shelves, near the dining table, where they receive more natural light and bring the memory of the outdoor space to this environment.
    All the furniture and decorative objects specified are the result of the work of Brazilian designers with a lot of personality.

    Design: RUA 141 Arquitetura and Zalc Arquitetura
    Photography: Nathalie Artaxo