Six Square House

Young Projects has completed Six Square House, a new 3,500-square-foot home located on a verdant, two-acre lot in Bridgehampton, New York.

  • area / size 3,500 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Type House,
  • The residence is made up of six 24’x24’ gabled modules, arranged to align roof ridges and create continuity from one module to the next. In contrast, each module’s roof eaves flow upward and downward, which result in a variety of undulating surfaces and unexpected sight lines across the exterior and interior of the home. The home is clad in deep gray, slatted Accoya wood, whose striations enhance the roofscape’s dynamic edges and arcs.

    The completion of Six Square House coincides with Young Projects’ addition to the lot’s historic 1850 farmhouse, which is located at the front of the property, and a new pool house, gunite pool, and ipe deck at the property’s rear. Sited at the lot’s center, Six Square House becomes the nucleus of the property as well as the client’s primary on-site residence, with the farmhouse becoming the guest home.

    Young Projects designed Six Square House as a contemporary counterpart to the property’s farmhouse, which the client had outgrown. The studio set out to create a new residence that nods subtly to the historic architecture of Long Island, while radically reimagining a traditional barn typology as an elegant, innovative home.

    Approaching Six Square House from the front of the property provides a view of the garage and living room modules, separated by a polished concrete path that leads directly into the home’s focal point: a triangular courtyard. The deep-grey rainscreen facade is striking. The slatted roof aligns with slatted exterior walls to create long, vertical striations that begin at the roof ridge and cascade to the ground. Roof and exterior walls are constructed from the same material: charred, stained, and sealed Accoya rainscreen and Western Red Cedar rainscreen. These are durable and low-maintenance engineered woods that play off of the farmhouse’s historic cedar facade while reading as distinctly contemporary.

    In terms of plan, the six modules that make up Six Square House tessellate around the central triangular courtyard. For Young Projects, this arrangement offered a compelling visual balance between symmetry and asymmetry, depending on the inhabitant’s point of reference in the home. The hybrid roofscape, which combines aligned roof ridges and curving eaves, enhances this dichotomy.

    Bedrooms feature framed views of the site’s mature and gnarled trees for privacy. In particular, the main bedroom offers a direct view to an old purple beech tree, which is very dear to the client. Living spaces open directly onto a landscape designed for entertaining: central courtyard, meadow, and pool house. The kitchen, located at the center of the house, is adjacent to the “left-over” triangular courtyard and looks through the open porch that frames views of landscape beyond.

    The living areas and kitchen are linked, resolving as a large open space that emphasizes the undulating flow of the ceiling—a result of the irregular roofscape above.

    Overall, Six Square House strikes an elegant, innovative balance across both interiors and exteriors: “One one hand, the design of the house is governed by its own geometric logic,” explains Young. “On the other, the design reframes and connects back to the overall site.”

    Design: Young Projects
    Contractor: Taconic Builders
    Photography: Alan Tansey, Jamie Gray