Eclectic Prague Apartment

decoid was engaged by their client to dramatically refurbish an apartment located within an apartment building from 1911 in the historical centre of Prague.

  • area / size 1,119 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Type Apartment,
  • The building itself was an immense source of inspiration as its architects František Weyr and Richard Klenka designed a beautiful building cherishing elegance.

    The apartment with the original disposition of three rooms with a kitchenette and total area of 104m2 was quite derelict before the refurbishment. The windows and doors were in a dilapidated condition. A refurbishment was necessary.

    The furniture used in the apartment comes from a rich variety of sources. The interior is designed in eclectic style. An emphasis was laid on the aesthetics of objects, colour, material, and details. There are light colour shades used in combination with transparent materials, such as mirrors, stainless steel surfaces and brass. When it comes to more traditional materials, wood and terrazzo were used; the latter one was a really fashionable and modern material at the time of the construction of the flat, and recently, it has again gained popularity among interior designers. In the interior, this material is used not only on the floor, but also on walls and pieces of furniture. The cast terrazzo also determines the colour palette used. Both, the kitchen units and the bathroom cabinet, are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel – polished and brushed – creates an interesting contrast with the traditional materials used and lightens the entire interior. The clear white Corian, which is also used, has the very same effect.

    Overall, the interior draws inspiration from the historical building itself and the neighbourhood of Prague 1. In the apartment, one can find features also embellishing the common area of the building as well as materials used there.

    Thanks to this combination of features the interior evokes lightness and compactness. A crucial role was played by the designer’s feelings, her own taste and lack of rules determining combinations of furniture and home accessories.

    When it comes to the number of pieces of furniture, the apartment is modest. The designer has worked mostly with wall surface defining the area. The hidden storage space created around most of the perimeter of the apartment provides a very practical and clean solution. These spots are decorated by illuminated ornamental panels, which are rendered in light colour shades, and they are interlinked. Each part of the apartment is adorned by specific decorations, be they from an antique shop or newly designed pieces.

    A highly visible and dominant feature of the apartment is a chandelier made by Rony Plesl comprising of 24 glass tubes that create amazing light effects. Each tube symbolizes one hour in a day.

    Design: decoid
    Photography: Jiri Lizler