Apartment 02

After recent restorations, toi toi toi creative studio was hired to transform a historic Berlin building’s private top floor as a city getaway to accommodate a growing family of six.

  • area / size 753 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Type Apartment,
  • Constructed in the 1880s, this ornate Berlin residential building first served as the officer quarters for the Guard Corps Regiment.

    The 70 sq.m flat boasts an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area that extends onto the balcony creating spacious living for tight quarters. The material palette and furniture selection is warm and inviting featuring layers of rich, muted colours and curved edges that produce an ambiance of sophisticated comfort.

    Entering the living space, the eye is immediately drawn to the sleek white oak cabinet, designed by T3, that sweeps wall to wall. Unifying the living and dining areas, it serves as a bench, sideboard, storage and entertainment stand. The piece is beautifully finished with timber detailing and soft closing drawers beneath for ease of access.

    During the evening hours, a generously sized sleeping space for two family members is easily assembled in this space using transformable furniture and neatly packs away to double as a couch during the day.

    The adjoining open kitchen space features a breakfast area that invites casual gathering. The custom oak table with a muted green linoleum surface is accompanied by coloured chairs and an adaptable highchair. This area looks onto a floor-to-ceiling glass door that connects the interior living space to a fresh, contemporary, outdoor setting on the balcony.

    Upon entering the bedroom, the eye follows the lines of the sloped ceiling as natural light from a skylight above reflects in all directions. Playing off the existing angles, T3 designed a custom wall unit that acts as a backboard for the king-size bed, a wardrobe and additional storage. The coloured millwork wraps around the corner of the room integrating a fold-down bed into the flush wall surface.

    T3’s clever design interventions celebrate the volume of the existing apartment shell by lending an air of spaciousness despite the relatively tight floor area, and comfortably accommodating a large family. The lines of the almost sculptural, existing apartment are balanced by a mix of Scandinavian-style design features, soft furnishings and a focus on simplicity and liveability; a perfect blend of elements for modern living.

    Design: toi toi toi creative studio
    Photography: Gabriella Achadinha