Leucadia Home

Handsome Salt used natural light and simple color tones to bring an open and calm feel to this hotel-inspired home in Encinitas.

  • area / size 3,950 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type House,
  • Interior designer Sara Simon is known for writing her own rules. And this recently completed home in Leucadia with all-new photos available is no exception: Here Simon, the founder of Handsome Salt, takes the staycation to the next level: It’s a hotel-inspired home where color, art, outdoor living and five-star amenities conspire to transport residents and visitors far, far away.

    Far Flung
    Simon takes the modern farmhouse concept on a life-changing trip half-way around the world. Cast in black with minimal ornamentation, the compound cranks up the drama with clean lines and statement making landscaping.

    Open Season
    The open-plan living and dining rooms play on a palette of sunrise hues, rendered in a rainbow of textures and materials.

    WFH 2.0
    Sara Simon created a Zoom Room tailor made background check cred. Filled color, texture and space for a large home office, there’s even an indoor hammock for off-camera siestas.

    Island Life
    The expansive kitchen takes a major vacation from all-white subway tile. Here Sara casts birch cabinets in dramatic matte black.

    Global Influences
    Throughout the home, Sara curated a collection of pieces from artists and makers around the US and Mexico with an emphasis on independent artisans.

    Design: Handsome Salt
    Photography: Jenny Siegwart