Chelsea Loft

Formally a commercial space, Kimberly Peck Architect transformed this New York City loft into a creative and welcoming home to serve as a backdrop for the client’s collection of rugs, art and objects.

  • area / size 1,500 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type House,
  • Having previously owned a home decor shop our client had a lot of experience in helping others furnish their interior environments. For her own home she had a very distinct vision; “to let the space be what it is, a former commercial loft, and fill it with things, art and rugs, that make it feel like a home.” To this end the architectural goal for the space was to keep and in some cases to emphasize the industrial feel in order to contrast with the owners life collection of rugs and furnishings which would serve to create the warmth in the space.

    All finishes were removed from the floor and ceilings to expose the existing concrete structure. The concrete floors were polished and the ceiling painted. To the delight of the clients during the process of polishing the concrete floors large areas of different colored pigments were exposed and serve as a reminder of the space’s former life.

    The overall color palette of the space was kept neutral with some dark accents in order to contrast with the furnishings. At the doors and floors traditional casings and baseboards were discarded and raw blackened steel angle installed to create a strong unifying visual accent across the different wall and floor finishes.

    A large ultra-minimal kitchen with an oversized island is a focal point at the rear of the dining and living spaces. Black cabinetry and counters are juxtaposed against a stark white porcelain clad wall and hood. A large prep kitchen was built in an enclosed space directly behind the kitchen to contain the more messy functions of a kitchen and to keep the main space visually clean while entertaining.

    Clerestory windows were installed on either side of the prep kitchen to allow light from the window wall to filter back to the bedroom. In the main living area a floor to ceiling, wall to wall black metal and glass folding partition system was installed in order to add flexibility to the space by dividing it, adding privacy for guests or other separate functions.

    Design: Kimberly Peck Architect
    Photography: ddreps