Cas 8 House

DG Estudio preserved details such as the original tiling and arched doorways, while making Cas 8 House updated to modern ways of life and work.

  • area / size 1,076 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Type House,
  • Preserving the original character of the house adapting this to a more current way of life was the main objective that we marked with this intervention.

    The house is located on the top floor of a historic building in the area of the Ensanche of Valencia, more specifically in the neighborhood of Ruzafa.

    Small changes in the distribution, very limited by the idea of starting to maintain in its entirety the original floor of the house and the roofs with moldings, help us to transform the existing spaces. These small changes serve to generate a large day area where the kitchen is integrated into the living room.

    The remaining spaces, the three bedrooms, the two bathrooms and the terrace are kept from the original distribution.

    The three original elements of the house that are conserved, the colorful mosaic floor, the moldings and the doors are the main protagonists of the intervention as can be seen in the images of the final result. A new material coexists with these three original elements, wood. This natural material provides warmth and uniformity to the entire intervention. The natural oak wood shapes the kitchen, the floor and dressing room of the master bedroom and the transition elements between the bedrooms and the terrace. These elements are designed as small spaces where to develop daily activities such as reading, resting, and even working. One of these spaces integrates a small desk area where you can work from home.

    Design: DG Estudio
    Photography: Mariela Apollonio