Plaster Fun House

Sans-Arc Studio completed the Art Deco inspired home for a young couple, a fun, curvy, colourful and full of light extension with a big personality in Adelaide, Australia.

  • area / size 861 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Adelaide, Australia,
  • Type House,
  • The Plaster Fun House has two main conceptual inspirations. Firstly, the clients’ love of Art Deco and P & O style Architecture.  Secondly, their style and taste; often dressed in bold and bright colours they have an extensive collection of unique Italian and Czech glassware and German Pottery.

    As a young couple, the clients wanted to replace the small lean-to on their 2-bedroom cottage with a functional kitchen that provided them with a space to entertain and open up to the backyard. They wanted a space that was fun, full of light and compact. Spatially we decided to splice the existing residence. The cottage already housed a good sized dining room, which was integrated into the extension by running a singular kitchen island/dining table through the two spaces. The existing bathroom was expanded and a laundry added adjacent. Working to a tight budget, the space needed to pack in a lot whilst also performing environmentally. The building is clad in highly insulated EPS panel with deep reveals to the windows – adding some degree of sun shading.

    Design: Sans-Arc Studio
    Photography: Tash McCammon