Hutchinson Apartment

Atelier SUWA has reconfigured an Outremont flat to accommodate the needs of the owners, a new flexible and timeless space located in Montreal, Canada.

  • area / size 1,150 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Type Apartment,
  • In order to accommodate new owners, this Outremont flat needed a transformation. After several partial renovations throughout the years, the dwelling had a dark and busy 1990s feel.

    The mandate was to create a new flexible space within a tight floor plan for the owners who work from home. The aim was to reconfigure the layout, brighten the space, and restore some of the original features.

    SUWA created a centralized living space, which became a bridge between the sleeping quarters (located on the street side) and the home office (located on the garden side).

    The central space (kitchen, dining room and living room) is structured by a long marble counter, which maximizes storage.

    The folding steel door creates fluidity between the work area and the living areas. The architects took advantage of the lack of sunlight along the corridor to place storage and a laundry room opposing a powder room and bathroom in an en-suite sequence.

    In the design process, SUWA worked closely with its clients to create a simple and warm environment. Together they came up with a curated selection of furniture and objects for their new home.

    Special attention was paid to textures, motifs and finishes to achieve an overall composition that speaks of the age of the building while staying current and fresh. To do so, durable and classic materials were used and mixed with contemporary design and Victorian details.

    The goal was to create a timeless space that will age gracefully.

    Design: Atelier SUWA
    Contractor: Brodsky & Bond
    Photography: Élène Levasseur