AQH Apartment

Coletivo Arquitetos has transformed and reorganized a neoclassical apartment into a contemporary living space in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • area / size 5,381 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Type Apartment,
  • Located in São Paulo, the economic capital of Latin America and the heart of Brazilian architectural history, the AQH project presented the challenge of transforming a neoclassical apartment into a contemporary living space.

    Walls were knocked down and the interior was completely reorganized in order to provide greater integration and flow between spaces. Only two of the original bedrooms were kept. The apartment was rethought to include spaces in tune with modern lifestyles and the taste of the new residents, a young couple with twin passions for art and nature.

    The basic premise of the project was “living with art and garden,” an idea reflected in the spaces, which feature both natural elements and design pieces. A garden with fruit trees was created on the balcony. The garden gives the apartment the warmth and appeal of a house and creates a buffer between the living spaces and the city skyline. The result is a gentle transition to the city beyond and an extension of the apartment’s living space.

    Luminous spheres by Bocci, surrounded by vegetation, give a sculptural tone. The owners have a particular appreciation for the spheres, which are used throughout the apartment.

    The concrete core was exposed to create a showcase for a rotating selection of artworks. Because the pieces hang from steel cables, they can be easily changed or moved. The many artists whose works are on display include Alex Katz, Vik Muniz, Abraham Palatinik, Ernesto Neto, Janaina Tschape, Leda Catunda, Nazarene, Alex Prager and Ron Galella.

    An opening in the concrete structure leads to a wine cellar with clear acrylic walls, making the wine the star of the show.

    Authorial designs and attention to detail are hallmarks of the AQH project.

    Design: Coletivo Arquitetos
    Design Team: Cesar Coppola, Daniela Coppola, Marcela Guerreiro
    Photography: Rui Teixeira