Apartment in New York

Crosby Studios brings quirk and fun to this New York City, New York apartment with blue and pink throughout, metal furniture, and other carefully selected pieces in each corner of the space.

  • area / size 538 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Type Apartment,
  • A small prewar one-bedroom throughout which that now-infamous pink appears often. There’s a modular bookshelf that resembles an Italian Fascist building, with spinning components inspired by a Lazy Susan, and a chair that is reminiscent of one of Donald Judd’s cubes. Harry Nuriev made both from rose-gold stainless steel. A tenement window separating the kitchen and the dining room has been fitted with a piece of pink Plexiglas that makes the room beyond look flushed.

    Pink was a great passion, but his latest obsession is royal blue — a flat, bright shade that, along with the brass he favors, was once a symbol of czarist Russia. In the kitchen, the appliances are hidden in twin blue cabinets; the faucet and sink have been powder-coated the same hue. In the airy front room, the low-slung sectional sofa is nothing more than blue vinyl cushions topped with blue cotton pillows.

    The adjacent blue coffee table is one of the three-legged stainless steel pieces, “1 on 2” and “2 on 1,” for which Nuriev is known, and which are sold by Not So General in West Hollywood. In the dining room, there are six chairs of the same color and design — where one leg is an arch that ingeniously doubles as the back — set around a long, blue-flecked marble table. In both the dining room and the kitchen hang pendant lamps Nuriev created out of blue-capped Bic pens.

    Architecture: Crosby Studios
    PhotographyMikhail Loskutov