Kong Residence Guest House

A fully functional space by Transition State Design, this Shady Canyon guest house serves as a private weekend stay for a couple visiting their parent’s home.

  • area / size 1,000 sqft
  • Type House,
  • This casita was a guest house extension of their parent’s home outside of the city in Shady Canyon. The newly married couple wanted to maximize this small space for their weekend visits while maintaining their privacy.

    To create an office/dining room combo, Transition State used a dining table from Ethnicraft purchased through Industry West so the couple would have a co-working space large enough to simultaneously work next to each other before having dinner al fresco with the doors open later.

    They utilized adorable tiny Marset cordless lamps from Finish Design Group that are totally removable during dining.

    Design: Transition State Design
    Photography: Madeline Tolle