Khimki Apartment

A former dark space with limited access to daylight, ST-BURO aimed to illuminate this narrow Moscow studio with a bright and transparent design.

  • area / size 570 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Type Apartment,
  • This layout of studio apartments unfortunately is quite often for Moscow. Narrow space elongated deep into the body of a building with the limited access to the sunlight along its short side.

    But here we managed not only to place hallway, living and dining room, kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, bedroom, two bathrooms with laundry and home office on the balcony, but also transmit precious natural light throughout the space.

    Panoramic doors between the balcony and the living room allow us illuminate the studio better in general. And then glass walls and transoms in all rooms launch sunlight into the farthest corners of the apartment, including the entrance hall and both bathrooms.

    Two bathrooms is one more project feature, since it is common to have three bedroom apartments with the single bathroom here. Small guest restroom is next to the front door and another one with the laundry section has a private entrance from the master bedroom.

    The color scheme of the interior was determined by posters with colorful ornaments, which we got from the client. All the colors that you see on them can be found in the apartment. The kitchen and dining area have become lime-green, the balcony is turquoise. The shower room combines light green and turquoise, zoning the space with color. Coral appeared in dishes, textiles and lighting.

    Geometric rhythm from the posters is set by strict black glass partitions between the main rooms. In the bedroom a fur blanket covers the bed, and his enlarged portrait flaunts behind the headboard.

    Design: ST-BURO
    Photography: Solodilova Ekaterina