Spitsbergen Apartment

Summer trips to the Arctic Circle inspired interior designer Jacek Tryc to create an apartment that perfectly captures the calmness nature of western Spitsbergen in Warsaw.

  • area / size 1,291 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Type Apartment,
  • Inspiration through travel is nothing new to people of art and artists.

    What distinguishes a 120-meter apartment located in Warsaw’s Szczesliwice is the extraordinary consistency and consistency of the arrangement. The investor had clearly defined expectations regarding the functionality of the interior. The architect was given freedom in the choice of style and spatial layout of the apartment. As a result, a harmonious, orderly and calm space was created, in which we will find explicit references to Arctic landscapes.

    Properly arranged interior
    The simplicity of forms used, the openness of space, as well as the selection of colours and textures, creates an emotional interpretation of the nature of the Arctic Sea islands.

    Creation of a designated day area in an open plan and extending the bedroom with a bathing area, create an impression of spaciousness in the interior, without a feeling of overloading with furnishings. The lightness effect is also enhanced by premium finishing materials.

    Arctic landscape
    The cool colours of the furniture, maintained in a subdued palette of gray, break the whitewashed parquet wood. Details kept to a minimum emphasize the character of the interior. The severity of the arrangement is balanced by curtains that softly envelop the space make it a safe haven from the world. A beautiful, stylish accent emphasizing the femininity of the interior is a pair of designer lamps from the Vertigo collection in the bedroom.

    The perfect complement to the arrangement are photos of the Arctic Circle taken during the summer travels by interior designer Jacek Tryc. The colours of the majestic mountain ranges delicately sprinkled with snow, together with the massive glacier walls present a perfect match with the soothing interior of the apartment.

    Design: Jacek Tryc
    Design Team: Angelika Kłos, Olga Prokop
    Photography: Bernard Białorucki