Bolshoy Karetniy Apartment

Located within a 1920s building in Moscow, ST-BURO transformed an apartment into a charming, lovely and cozy atmosphere with thoughtful consideration to spatial layout and planning.

  • area / size 775 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Type Apartment,
  • The building was constructed in 1925 and placed in a really lovely and cozy atmosphere of an old Moscow, surrounded by low-rise mansions with rich historical backgrounds in a Bolshoy Karetniy side-street.

    For such a nice location you usually pay with the shortage of space. So we gave our special attention to the layout planning and creating storage places for our clients.

    For instance, a minimalistic-looking wardrobe next to the entrance is actually really deep and besides the clothing itself, it contains all cleaning equipment, a set of winter tires and even a server room.

    The unusual hobby of our client deserves special mention. She collects Guerlain perfume. Fragile exhibits need coolness and lack of direct sunlight, but hiding this precious collection completely behind the furniture facades felt as an unforgivable waste of beauty. So in the living room, we dedicated a special place for it. Elegant cabinet with black tinted translucent glass doors gives needed conditions for the perfume and yet always present in a room as a “thing to talk”. An AC is hiding in the upper part of it, behind a louvered facade.

    Kitchen cabinets hide, besides usual equipment, plumbing hatch in a separate unit with convenient access for exam and repair.

    In the quite modest in its size bedroom, we build-in a large wardrobe along the whole wall facing bad. But it does not look huge since it is painted exactly the same color as the walls does.

    From the bedroom we can get into one more storage space of this apartment: small but capacious walk-in wardrobe, where not the last place takes Client’s another passion – a collection of silk shawls from famous Fashion Houses.

    And finally, in the bathroom we are finding a storage system that hides a washing machine, dryer, laundry baskets, a boiler and more other staff, leaving a cozy place for resting and chilling after hot shower in a niche.

    Design: ST-BURO
    Design Team: Tchokogoue Evgeniya, Savelieva Ekaterina
    Photography: Mikhail Loskutov