Black House

D4 Developments brought more space and function to an already beautiful home while maintaining the clean, mid-century modern feel of the Black House in Hertfordshire, England.

The earlier fit-out was not to be undone, we didn”t want to spend any budget redoing things that were already there. So only minor alterations were made to the existing interior. The new scheme extends as two wings – one extending the family living space, and the other providing a separate living space for the kids and some much needed utility space. The wings thus form the edges of an external patio area, that allows the kitchen to still have a strong relationship with outside and not get lost at the back of a big deep plan space. So the patio is accessed from all three sides, and then is open to the main views whilst being protected from wind and any neighbours prying eyes.

The two wings and patio are composed as one long horizontal composition – designed as one rather than two separate extensions. The windowsills and heads are playfully stepped up and down so that the balance of solid and void creates an asymmetric balance.

Design: D4 Developments
Photography: Will Pryce