Leytonstone House

Bradley Van Der Straeten transformed and expanded an existing home to create additional living space for a growing family in London, England.

The existing long narrow kitchen has been radically transformed by partially extending out to the side to create a new dining space and widen views onto the garden.

A rich palette of colour and materials have been used throughout the home that include a yellow lounge, a terrazzo showroom and a family bathroom with palm print wallpaper.

The brief was to create more living space for a growing family. The two key priorities were making sure they had a very strong visual link with the garden and that they had enough space for a large dining table.

The key challenges were creating the additional space required, without extending the property too much and blowing the budget.

The key solutions were to extend only partly to the side. This created enough space for a large dining table, whilst also maintaining light into the existing living areas of the house and not blowing the budget.

Design: Bradley Van Der Straeten
Photography: courtesy of Bradley Van Der Straeten