Tehama 1 House

Designed by Studio Schicketanz to take full advantage of the natural surroundings, this Carmel home is the ideal dwelling for a retired couple looking for respite.

  • area / size 4,121 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Type House,
  • Our clients selected a rural south facing wooded site with a clearing on top of a knoll for their retirement home. We chose to abandon an existing driveway in favor of keeping the knoll as open space for a courtyard garden for the residence.

    The driveway was re-routed to a lower elevation. The now subterranean garage with a green roof is shielded by a stone wall. The wall leads up to the guest entry and transitions into the base for the home above. All the stone was harvested from the site.

    The home is organized into a 14’ high rectangular glass and wood volume which runs north/south at the edge of the forest. This “public space” of the home relates to the surrounding nature and spectacular views. The more solid plaster cubes penetrate the glass and offer intimate spaces to retrieve to. They house the library, kitchen and master suite.

    In addition, the height differential allows for perfect cross ventilation on hot days while a large southern overhang assures protection from the sun during the summer and for the desired solar gain in the winter.

    The two stone cubes house guest rooms and frame the courtyard garden to the north. Beyond the courtyard walls, the landscape was left natural.

    Design: Studio Schicketanz
    Contractor: Hunt Brothers Construction
    Joe Fletcher