Hyde Park Residence

Georgie Shepherd Interior Design restored this Adelaide villa, complimented by an architectural extension with interior detailing that gently embraces the character of the home.

The transition between the original house and the modern extension is carefully married together with materials, details and textures maintaining the integrity and context of the home.

As you enter the building from street level you are graced with a restored historical cottage and yet as you transition through the space, the link from old to new is delicately blurred, pushing towards a modern open plan living. Whilst the space is large there is a sense of intimacy, depth and homeliness created through the materiality. The interior is a celebration of contemporary design while at the same time deconstructing and reconstructing and preserving the historic nature of the building and then adding another luxe layer of history and personality.

Having developed a strong relationship with the client through previous hospitality projects, the marriage between designer and client was fluid and pre-established. The clients style established in their venues was principal to be translated into their home.
Working closely with the architect to explore a functional yet dynamic floorplan within the confines of the existing footprint created a smooth transition between the old and the new. Through the introduction of internal light wells and courtyards to separate the buildings but also bringing light into the inner areas of the home. The subtle transition between the two builds are treated through materiality and spatial planning.

The kitchen and living area colour palette were intentionally limited, allowing the space to breath and to focus on strong forms, lines and detailing, in keeping with the strong architectural style of the extension. Materiality is natural and luxe. The beautifully monolithic marble island speaks for itself in front of the seamless black kitchen joinery. The hidden pantry and laundry are in keeping within the material palette, however, lend hints of the client’s feminine personality and a nod to the elegant detailing of the original house.

A home should not just be an expression of the designers’ style but a representation of the personalities that live and occupy it. This home embodies everything that is this young family of four, a functional robust space to suit their busy lifestyle. From the classic bathrooms referencing the history and heritage of the architecture, while also having the luxuries of modern day living, to the modern extension, whilst an “addition” is a seamless transition of their classic style into a contemporary aesthetic which is translated through romantic details, textures and classic materials.

Materials selected are built for the family day to day life, materials that are textural and soft in palette, but above all, highly durable and built for longevity. Marble, timber and wool all-natural materials that through time will age gracefully and add another layer of history and detail to a historical building for years to come.

Design: Georgie Shepherd Interior Design
Photography: David Sievers