Ein Kerem Mini Loft

T+R studio designed the rustic and charming Ein Kerem Mini Loft to compliment the existing structure and enhance what was there.

  • area / size 968 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Jerusalem, Israel,
  • Type Apartment,
  • What happens when you connect design with the nature of the residents? A studio apartment, built in an ancient Arab stone house in the pastoral Ein Kerem neighborhood, becomes a revolutionary, nostalgic, modern, and full of charm.

    The main idea of Tali Shenfeld and Rakefet Goldfarb, the interior designers of T+R studio, was to find the style and design for this mini-loft at-Ein-Kerem, that would match the lifestyle of the residents with their character.

    The interior designers try not to change the basic atmosphere of the ancient Arab House, and the influences of the Jerusalem stone and archeries. The brave residents gave us absolute autonomy, not before they took up their ambitions and dreams and of course their needs. After that, they no longer intervened. They demand to get the apartment ready “As a surprise.”

    Inside the living space, there is a small and eclectic corner, and this is actually the main area of the apartment. The corner incorporates nostalgic accessories alongside a modern sofa. You can find a modern lounge chair by Charles and Ray Ames at the center of the space. A great chandelier is hanging from the ceiling; with a classic, light glass table and a colorful Scandinavian sofa decorated with colorful pillows.

    On both sides of the bed in the bedroom corner, there are interesting items, three suitcases are an old journey that uses the contents of the couple’s colors and tankers and unfinished paintings that create a gallery atmosphere. From the other side of the bed is a special double-use library: Also presenting the art books and special collection of records of the occupants, and creating interesting and intriguing buffering between the magical reading corner and the sleeping area.

    Design: T+R studio
    Photography: Shai Epstein